Do you feel overwhelmed when your home is messy and disorganized? Are you frustrated as you look around at all the things that need to be cleaned and wonder where to start?

Cleaning your house is a chore, and unfortunately it can take up a lot of your valuable time. Fortunately, we have compiled the following 10 tips that will help keep your house tidy and allow cleaning to be done efficiently and effectively.

1. Make your bed, so it’s nice and neat

This will instantly make your bedroom look tidy. Save some time by keeping your bedding simple with a duvet. It takes one minute to make a bed, but it can make all the difference to the room.

2. Wipe down the bathroom daily

After finishing in the bathroom, end with a quick wipe down of the counters to clean away any toothpaste, water, or hair. Leave cleaning wipes under the sink for a hassle-free wipe down.

3. Wash, fold and put away one load of laundry a day

Stay on top of your washing, to avoid it becoming an unmanageable mountain of clothing.

4. Empty the dishwasher every morning

This allows all the dirty dishes to be placed inside throughout the day to go straight into the dishwasher instead of in the sink or other places around the house.

5. Clear and clean the kitchen counters daily

After dinner clear away the clutter and clean the benchtops. If you stay on top of the clutter daily, then it doesn’t get out of control.

6. Reinforce the rule “Take it out, put it away”

Encourage yourself and other family members that if they take something out, then they have to put it away when they are finished. This rule will save you a lot of time and makes a lot of difference to the cleanliness of your home.

7. Clean up after every snack or meal

You have already emptied the dishwasher, so put the dishes away and clean up after yourself as soon as you finish, a little effort here can really reduce the effort in the long run.

8. Use doormats at every entry

These mats will keep a lot of the dirt from being spread throughout your home. If possible encourage family members to keep their shoes off in the house.

9. Open your mail and file it daily

Having a pile of paperwork on the counter is not going to make your home feel clean or organized. Sort through your mail daily, file and recycle papers to avoid clutter.

10. Arrange the couch pillows

Straightening up the pillows & blankets that you may have on your couch will allow you to have your living room look visibly tidier.

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